Alisa Reyes is best known for her role on Nickelodeon’s All That as a series regular season’s (1-3). She has also starred in NBC’s One World as the Cuban-born entrepreneur of the group. Peter Engel created the show. Alisa received the coveted Hollywood Young Star Award for her role in One World.

Thinking you may recognize her from some other show? Well check out her credit’s and you could be correct… seen on Without A Trace (CBS), Strong Medicine (LIFETIME), NYPD Blue (ABC), ER (NBC), as well as the controversial Trina on Boston Public (FOX) and Six Feet Under (HBO and on the Emmy nominated PBS series The American Family, portraying the younger Vangie) The list is endless, with lot’s more to come.
Alisa was the voice for the recurring role on the Disney channel’s critically acclaimed animated series The Proud Family as the bossy, but oh so loveable La Cienega Boulevardes, as well as her newest animation project titled Da Jammies as Momo currently on Netflix.

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  1. Leroy Madison says:

    #1 Sexy Hot Alisa!

  2. Beazybernard says:

    Hello lalisa it’s an old friend Bobby from Manhattan I kindly like to give my condolences you for your mother for she was a very beautiful humble & kind mother. You may or may not remember me but I said to when we were young that I will never forget about you I’m happy to have found you if you want to contact me you care at [email protected] xoxoxoxo!😉😎😚☺🤗

    1. Alisa says:

      Thank you, have we met? Sending you love and light.

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