Whats Next?

Can you believe it’s February already? Where does the time go? The Holidays are done the decorations are hopefully put away, and now you catch yourself thinking” What’s Next”. We all have our own new years resolutions that we aim to achieve. Yet we are human and our motivation, our passion, our want and need for things change. That’s apart of life. I personally think asking yourself “What’s Next” is a healthy and positive question to ask yourself especially when you are in different chapters of your life. Like moving, getting married, breaking up, starting a new job, having children, death, buying a new home. The list can go on and on. Re- evaluating your life is actually very helpful and allows one to reflect on ones life choices and actions. We all strive to live a life of happiness and health. One that is full of abundance within our deepest hearts desires. In order to live that life we have to start with the root and foundation of things. Think of your life like a big circle then draw some lines outside of that circle to look like rays coming out of a sun. Those rays, those lines are your goals and dreams. Start writing those goals and dreams out. Soon you will see that you have a lot you want to accomplish. This is when you say ok “What’s Next”. How do I make this into a reality? Simply start by creating a sacred mission statement aka mantra for yourself so that you can create energy to attract the highest and greatest good in your life. For instance you could start one that simply states:
“I (insert your name) attract the highest and greatest good into my life. I am love and love I am. I love others I love myself. I attract abundance into my life. I am light. Light I am!”
Living a life with positive thoughts and words are the key to your “What’s Next” moment in life. The law of attraction is something I highly believe in. What we put out into the universe comes back to us. So next time we think or speak make sure to be aware of your thoughts and words and make sure that they are of love and light. By doing this you can start manifesting and creating your “What’s Next” moment! The sky is the limit for your future and its filled with endless amazing things that are waiting for you. It’s yours for the taking you just need to make sure you are exact on your intentions and that they come from your highest and truest self.
I hope that whatever is your “What’s Next” moment that it is filled with love and light and much joy!
Yours Truly,

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